Thursday, January 10, 2019

Positive Reinforcement & a Wee Bra Quandary

Hi there,

I didn't post yesterday as I stayed over at my sister's and did not end up having easy access to a computer.

I thought I'd relate a couple of things relevant to my nothing new year:

One is that I got some positive reinforcement in the form of my chiropractor asking after how it was going with not buying anything new at my appointment today. She and I had discussed my New Year's Resolution/Goal last week and she had said she was going to do something similar and not buy any new clothing.

She relayed that she had ended up shopping. And she told me that she had talked to a couple of people about my 'no new for Tara' plan, and was impressed that I have not yet shopped. (It's only been 10 days!) It is nice and motivating when people remember things and ask after them and seem impressed. Makes such projects feel worthwhile and a little more interesting. There are other people who perceive such endeavours as stingy :)

The other thing is a minor quandary I face, as I have gotten slightly too small for my favourite bra. This falls under the good kinda problems to have category. The opposite of outgrowing something. It is no longer comfortable to wear and I'm doing it up on it's snuggest clasp (or hasp as we'd say in Newfoundland). It's chaffing me under the arms as it is now loose. I'm seriously bummed because it became my favourite the minute I got it, and I wore it as my everyday bra for the last few months. If you are curious, it is the Knix evolution bra. Seamless, an engineering triumph, and perfect under everything. Not to be confused with fine lingerie, but a very useful workhorse garment.

Needless to say, I cannot buy a new one, and sadly, I cannot wear it anymore.  It is now literally rubbing me the wrong way. Bras will do that to you if they are too big. They really need to fit just so. So, the plot I'm cooking up is to finagle a barter of sorts. I need to find someone who fits my current bra, and is willing to buy themselves one a size smaller, and then trade with me. Sounds clever, no? The bra is in perfectly good shape and may last forever, so this would ensure it gets reused, and I could continue to benefit from the evolution bra technology, without shopping or owning more than I already did. Wish me luck.

I think I will retire shortly to enjoy more of my book club novel, Washington Black, and get an early night. It is a really good book and I'm drawing towards the close.


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