Sunday, January 13, 2019

Shoe Laces and Memories

Hi there,

Just a quick update today. I had a very productive day: cooking, food prep for the week, going into work to get ahead of the game, visiting family and friend, and some steps towards ongoing domestic felicity projects. I even trucked some food-prepped meals into work with me today, so I will be nourished for jam-packed tomorrow. (Insert imaginary emoji with halo here.)

Of relevance to my No New for Tara:

An old pal dropped by for a sauna today, and out of the blue brought up my prior year of not buying anything new for 2010. I let her know I was doing it again, because I am trying to bring it up when it makes sense - to make it more tangible and hold me accountable. Also, she mentioned she thought of my year, because she noticed she buys tee shirts to excess. She has also been watching the Marie Kondo decluttering show on Netflix and had an epiphany about her behaviour. Said she once had all her tee shirts thrown out and had never gotten over it. Now, with this new self awareness into why she hoards tees, she is planning to stop buying them.

Also, inspired by watching some more Marie Kondo episodes myself last night with my wife, this evening I tackled our hall closet. I took all the contents of coats and footwear from it and laid them in the living room. Between us we purged for donation a full garbage bag of shoes, coats and vests. And I walked it down to the donation bin. It feels good! We smiled at each other as we inquired if various items 'sparked joy', which is the criterion to which Marie Kondo recommends we measure our possessions. I let go of some things that I loved but don't really work anymore and some things that were functional, but simply didn't spark joy. AND when I went through the bin of leather protector sprays and such, I found two packages of unused shoelaces, which may be a solution to my problem I mentioned a few days ago of needing new shoe laces in order to be able to wear a pair of shoes that otherwise seem quite good. Problem solved without shopping. :) I've previously mentioned that footwear is a sore spot for me, as I had to get rid of a lot of beautiful and sexy shoes that now cause me grief. I've put a ton of life blood into finding cute and very high quality, non-pain-inducing shoes and boots this year.

Okay, I'm going to leave it at that for tonight as I have some vegging out to do.


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