Saturday, January 19, 2019

Small Miracle Alert


Guess what happened today? 26 days after I couldn't find my fanny pack - containing among other things my costly work phone - an Uber driver showed and up and gave it to me!

I had kissed it goodbye and assumed it was long lost and I was ready to suck it up and repay my work as the price of admission for just getting on with it. I blogged about it only yesterday!

The weird story is that it took me a while to figure out I had lost it at all, assuming I left it at my twin's house. When I did realize it was likely lost, me and my friend both contacted Uber (I took two rides that night, one on my account and one on hers). We never heard back.

But now, I got a call almost a month later, from a man who said he was the friend of the driver, and the driver did not really speak English. He said the driver had gotten the message re: lost bag, but it was deleted and he did not have a pen. He said his friend called Uber about 10 times but they were very unhelpful and refused to give my number to him. He said they finally had to open my fanny pack to search for my number and that is how they found me.

I was so excited! I texted my work address, and met the guy outside. I had grabbed a blank card and envelope and written 'thank for you for returning my bag!' and put a twenty dollar bill in it. The driver would not take it at first. He kept apologizing for how long it took, for his bad English and asking me to check that everything was in it.

It seemed perfectly intact. It had:
- my work cell (now I won't have to buy them a new iphone!)
- $120 in gift certificates (for Christmas gifts I had to replace! Now I have gifts for next time!)
- my work swipe card and keys
- all the B-list contents of my wallet (my primary wallet contents had been extracted and put in a cute evening purse the night before, probably one of the reasons I had paid less attention to my fanny pack, as I was carrying two bags instead of the usual one).

It even had my extra strength Robaxacet which I was really in the mood for with an achy, overworked neck.

If anyone is working on strengthening the core belief that there is good in the world, I am happy to provide this humble evidence.

I'm feeling richer already and I didn't have to do a thing :)

I'm slightly buzzing from this small miracle, and a fun night out at a reunion show at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, but it's about time to call it a night. Sweet dreams, y'all.


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