Monday, January 28, 2019

Snow Day Sort of

Hi there,

Toronto got hit by a ton of snow this afternoon and evening. While I had to work, I had the experience of things getting cancelled around me in a domino pattern, freeing up little moments of time so I could savour my lunch, could have a hot chocolate at my leisure, could visit with people, etc. Travel was slow and slogging, but strangely few people were on public transit, and a kind of snow-covered, becalmed state reigned over the world and the people in my path. I think this is the feeling before plows and traffic make it all mucky come morning.

My wife's comedy show ended up having a nice crowd, despite the weather and it was a feel good night of laughs and seeing some people we rarely see. I had it much better than my twin, who spent 3 hours on a fraction of her evening commute. Typically it might take her half hour to get home on the Dufferin bus. Tonight it took 3 hours then she had to get off and walk from Eglinton and Dufferin to St. Clair and Ossington in the snow - that's far! Her bus turned out to be backed up in a big line behind a sideways, skidded bus blocking all future buses in both directions.

I'm noticing I'm not spending on much besides food and cabs lately. I mean besides my long list of bills and preplanned expenses. Today I did not buy in either category while out, as I felt safer on transit with all the snow on the roads. And I was gifted with pizza at work, pop and hot chocolates by love, and I brought the rest of what I needed with me from my home food prep. Hopefully this will help me keep at my trend towards getting more money-wise.

Anyway, I'm hitting the wall, so I'll say nighty night,


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