Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Trouble with Electronics

Hi there,

I wanted to share this little moment that happened today. I was heading out on a work break to order my blasted replacement phone screen. I had postponed due to finding out how expensive it is, but my phone is going wonky and cutting out and the 'user experience' is decidedly less than ideal. (I'm walking around with it in a sexy ziplock bag because it is both shedding glass crumbles and no longer waterproof in this spring-like rainy season we are experiencing on January 9th).

I realized at the elevator that I did not have my headphones with me, and I was bummed because I wanted to listen to my audiobook while I walked over, waited, and walked back etc. Then I thought, 'Oh, I'll just grab another pair at the store.' And was totally fine with that for a beat, until I realized, 'No! You don't get to do that.' The very purpose of this year is to once again stop shopping for convenience. I don't need more headphones. I need to keep track of the ones I have and make do if I forget them.

So, I did not buy a new pair of headphones. I went without for the duration of my outing, and once I got back to my cubicle I realized they were in my inside pocket. Another reason to keep purging is to make it easier to know where all my befrigged stuff is so that I don't buy replacements for things I already have.

I'm actually doing pretty good with the purging and decluttering. Today I did more, by tackling the bag of bags (oh the horror!), and the groaning cupboard under the guest bathroom sink. I was able to liberate many items for donation and get rid of expired items etc. The chi must be feeling so wild and free, it just keeps getting more and more opportunities to flow around here. I hope to take some of this vibe to my work, where I am a little desperate to nail down more serene orderliness in my cubbie as workload mounts exponentially by the day with the new year.

I will bid you nighty night and aim high for a good night's sleep. It's been three nights in a row burning the candle at both ends. Something's gotta give and I believe it's my wakeful FOMO. :)

Sweet dreams,


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