Saturday, January 5, 2019

To-Do List & Money Stuff & Anthropocene

Hi there,

I didn't post yesterday. Sorry, but it was date night. :)

I've been getting a lot done during my holiday, in both the to-do list and fun list realms. I've had a lot of in house fun, at my place and at other peoples, which reminds me that it is a good fit with not buying anything new and generally simplifying, (and also saving money) to entertain at home. My wife and I had people over a few times this week and enjoyed the simple pleasures of saunas and chats at our place. I also got the pleasure of meals in homes, like my twin making delicious homemade ramen.

Saving money is tricky for me because: I live in a big city, it is not my most natural inclination, and I have a bit of an urge to shop sometimes as a mood enhancing activity. There are good reasons for me to get on top of this! I don't want to work forever, and I might like to do something proactive towards our dotage. By this I mean I should likely do something like pay down our mortgage, or get an investment property or something wise and adult like this. Despite the relentless forward march of time, these feel like far off pipe dreams. Yet they also seem like reasonable things to consider, which won't happen if I don't put thought into how they might work. I have much more to do to get a handle on money stuff, but one thing I have been doing is tracking all my spending since July of last year. I feel like I should do something like actually add it up into categories and see what's gone where, then have some magical ah-ha moments with all this data I've been amassing. That part is yet to happen. But the tracking is there! So this is an area I may delve into more later. (I've been peeking at some of the saving money tips etc. on the Squawkfox blog, and it's gotten me galvanized to cook more).

Today, two days before going back to work after my two week holiday, I have an afternoon to myself, which is exciting. I'm going to do a few things that relate to this blog. One is try and get my phone fixed. I feel like I'm really polishing my halo as I say this because my knee jerk reaction is to level up to the latest version. That's my Apple cult programming talking. Second, I'm going to try to squeeze into the second last day of Anthropocene at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), which is an exhibition on humans' impact on the earth. This may serve as a sobering reminder of the messy fallout of shopping. It will hopefully help gird my loins for the long year of not buying anything new ahead. It seems timely and apt and I've been wanting to see it.

I'm also going to be reading my book for book club, by the wonderful Esi Edugyan - 'Washington Black'. And by read, I mean listen on my Audible app. I've found it so hard to read paper books on the transit anymore because it is soooo crowded you need one or two hands to hold on for dear life. Holding a book on top of that is not feasible most of the time, so listening helps me still get my read on, but hands free. Kind of like my fanny pack helps me 'party hands free'. I got a new fanny pack as a Christmas present from my wife. I've been rocking a fanny pack for about 10 unapologetic years, and believe me, it is no small task to find 'cool' ones, but my wife manages this very well.

I'd better get a move on so I can hurry up and relax.


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