Thursday, January 3, 2019

Writing Before Midnight & What Every Happened to Ethiopia Bloggery?

Wow, I'm actually getting at this before midnight so it is still January 3rd :)

It's been a fine day, but I'm a bit pooped from running around and staying up late a few nights in a row. I'm also noticing I'm a little achy after an adjustment by my chiropractor, so I'll probably take it easy tonight. Interestingly, she conversationally asked me about my New Year's Resolutions, and I told her about my not buying anything new goal for this year. She was really into it and said she wants to do something similar focused on clothing, and recommended some minimalism show on Netflix she could not remember the name of. She said it is especially focused on paring down one's clothing. I suspect I may do some inspirational episode watching, rather than actual decluttering/purging after I write this. Maybe that's my problem - the motivational magic of the first episode of the 'Tidying Up' show by Marie Kondo is running low and I need a top up with episode two.

I've decided I'll try fixing my busted cell first before I go searching for a used one, or a gift one. Fixing things instead of just automatically replacing them is a great way to practice being less of a consumer. This reminds me I need to get new shoelaces for one pair of shoes. Is that like a fix? Or like buying a new thing? I guess I could go looking for them at Value Village. If the shoes don't work without the laces, I think it could fall under a 'fix'.

A couple of things I did not get sorted prior to my December 31st new shopping cutoff - but are big wish list items for me to find used (or make/barter/somehow Macgyver etc.) - include a small, but tall desk or drawer thing that I could use as a standing desk for my laptop, and a game of Scrabble (we only have the tiny travel version and want the big wooden version). I'm also interested in a big, light, box-shaped foam pillow thingy for reading while sitting or lying, so that I don't have to lift my arms up. Haha. This makes me sound VERY lazy. But I've got some neck and shoulder issues, that make the idea of a book just laying peacefully near my face without any heavy lifting/holding required on my part rather attractive. I had one that my mom made that was just two pieces of foam in a pillow case, but my wife found it very ugly. I'm really missing it since we got rid of it. I will have to figure out how to make one and make it look nicer. Like a box-shaped couch cushion? Oh boy, the things that you get excited about as you are pushing 50.

More Catch Ups:

So, just before I stopped talking to y'all for 6 years, I let you know that I was heading off to Ethiopia and hoped to blog from there during my trip. Well, I did go for a month in September/October 2012 and had quite an incredible time (teaching and helping develop a rehab program in a psychiatric hospital). However, as I left I found out it was illegal to be gay in Ethiopia (I'm not sure if this is the case anymore) and I was not comfortable with taking a chance that I might put myself or my hosts in some kind of jeopardy if they found out via my blog that I have a wife. (It's seriously the gayest thing about me! I have to give her credit for that joke, as she wrote it.) I also learned how relatively conservative the culture is compared to here, and worried about inadvertently offending in any other way. I ended up just doing a daily diary 'blog' and emailing it to a couple of key people who forwarded it via email to others that had asked for it. I was very faithful to daily writing, and also tracked my spending and my experiences being somewhere so different, complicated, and also wonderful. My fellow travellers actually sent my daily 'bloggery' as I called it home to their friends and relatives, rather than write their own, which pleased my ego to no end. If you are an old reader who has been hanging on by the seat of your pants waiting for updates on that Ethiopia trip since I posted and ghosted in 2012, message me and I can have my sister send you the lot! :)

Now it is time for me to peace out and get some rest,


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