Friday, February 22, 2019

GTD - Getting Things Done

Hi there,

My pal Christine lent me a book on the weekend called 'Getting things done'. It is the newer edition, and she has been a big fan for years, and implemented the system in her own life for quite some time. I'm looking forward to reading and digesting it, because it comes with such a glowing recommendation. And, in addition to decluttering, and not shopping, I'd like to feel a small sense of control in my life!

These days it feels like there is too much to keep on top of at work and at home. The sheer volume is dizzying, and if it slides to the next day, that one is front loaded already and it can vanish. I really do need a system to keep on top of stuff.

This GTD book, that I have barely begun, speaks to the need to have a system so we can stay on top of what we're committed to doing, and thereby frees us up to be present and undistracted as we do what ever it is we are doing. Sounds ideal. Now I just need to find the time to read it and implement it, haha :)

Anyway, I'm gradually chipping away at the decluttering, and tidying. And with no new things coming in, it is starting to show a bit. My goal is to have the 'wind whistle through my closet', it is so bare and perfect. So, I'm been working away at wearing items on my clothing rack from left to right to see what the keepers are, and donate the ones that aren't really cutting it.

Since my Valentine's Day post, I've cleared out a ton of clutter under the master bathroom sink, and I tackled my 3 drawer dresser, and turned it into 1 full drawer and 2 empty ones. I feel like my willingness-to-let-go muscle is getting stronger and more discerning. 'Do I really need that?' Is rolling off my mind's tongue with more ease.

So, I have lots to do still. On the home front, my list includes going through books, papers, under the kitchen sink, my craft supplies, miscellaneous items, storage, decor, etc.

At work, in addition to being desperately in need of a system for handling my workflow, I need to purge and declutter also. I spend hours looking for a speech I wrote a few years ago this week, and it gave me a clear message, I need less stuff (and a system) at work to so I can more easily get my hands on things. Anyway, I'm a work in progress.

Fun wise, I've been very on the ball with lots of friend outreach, dinners, dates, euchre tourneys, reunions, and casual hangs. And, a big source of fun, is that my twin and I booked a venue for our big milestone birthday coming up in just 77 days. We went with Stones Place. What it lacks in amazing bathrooms, it makes up for in fun retro ambiance, and a house DJ, who can curate the perfect 80's and 90's dance mix for our cohort. Planning and looking forward to it, will be a lot of fun, and I'm already feeling happiness and pleasure when I think about it.

Anyway, here's wishing y'all a happy weekend.


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