Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi there,

I had a lovely, love-filled day and I hope you did too. I gave my wife delivered flowers. For an extra thrill of surprise, I had them come yesterday. :) She took me to a movie tonight, made me a beautiful card, and gave me some prezzies like consumable self-care items, plus a few cute notebooks.

I'm finishing up that all-consuming course this week, and looking forward to devoting myself more full time to arranging details for fun, and partying for my birthday which is fast advancing. I'm also going to soak up some culture with a play date to see 'No Exit' by Sartre, as well as hook up with my buddy Christine to talk about goals and girl stuff. I'm also splashing out on some long awaited self-care and pampering activities this weekend. And I hope to do more decluttering and purging. Lucky thing it's a long weekend!

I have NOT been shopping, and in fact one of the things I've been doing clothing wise, is trying to systematically wear everything I own, to see clearly whether it 'sparks joy'. If not, off  with its head! It's going to donation. I've found it does make a difference to make myself wear something for a day. I've discarded one top that was newish because it was not quite right. It didn't make me feel like myself. I've kept the last three I tried out.

My system for going through my clothing now - to test drive it - is that I reversed all my hangers, so they sit backwards on the rack. When I do wear an item and decide to keep it with a glad heart, I turn the hanger around to normal position. Also, I'm trying to work my way from left to right on the rack to force me to go through things rather than endlessly avoid them. If I keep avoiding them, it means I really don't love them enough for it to make sense to keep them. It feels kind of fun to make it into a project.

I'm also trying to figure out when the next upcoming Marie Kondo consultant training is. I'd love to treat myself as a birthday gift, to a workshop for my own benefit. Never mind that it might one day become a cool side hustle. Anyway, I'm not having any luck, so I think they must be few and far between. I had heard a rumour of one in NYC in late March, but there do not seem to be any links or info on her site about it, so perhaps it is sold out or pulled. I'll keep looking.

In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day, lovers.


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L'enfer, c'est trop de choses