Thursday, February 7, 2019

Time Flies

Hi guys,

It turns out time flies, even when I'm not shopping :)

I've actually been burning the candle at both ends since last Friday, when I started a mandatory course that runs for two weeks, on top of my full time job. It is taking several hours a day, and is very interesting stuff, but the workload feels rather whelming. Fortunately, my coworkers are all in the same boat, so I'm digging the camaraderie of going through this kind of hazing ritual together - feels like we're bonding. At the end of the two weeks, in addition to having flashbacks to grad school (oh the horror!), I will be getting an accreditation that will be valuable to me, so it is worthwhile. But in the short term, I've had to do silly stuff like stay up until 4:30am, or 2am on weeknights to stay caught up.

This is my longwinded way of explaining why my blog has been growing dust bunnies.

The good news is that I am still on track with the goal of not buying anything new, and if you need to refresh yourself on my ground rules for this challenge for the year, they are here. 

The course has made me a little 'all work and no play', though, so I have less to report on the fun front. I have been doing some planning for my birthday with my twin, though, which has been a kind of anticipatory fun. And my mom is in town so I will get to see her and other family this weekend, which will be lovely.

Anyway, keeping it brief so I can continue ploughing through the course content I must complete for my daily deadlines these two weeks.


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